Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Couple of Quilts

I feel so horrible that we had such good intentions for this blog and somehow, over the last several months, life just got in the way. isn't that the way it goes sometimes though?

I have been busy with several creative ventures over the last several months, bbut since the last post I made was about the Pooh quilt I made for my grandson, I thought I would post a follow up with this post since he is now 11 months old!

My gradnson's name is Easton, and here are the two quilts I made for him after he was born. I couldn't decide on a style for his name quilt so I decided to make him one styled after one I made his daddy, and then I made another one styled after one I made his mommy.

I still need to work on typing up a tutorial for these. Would you be interested in learning how to make one or both?


  1. I love the orange quilt! Wish you had the tutorial on here because I'm going to go buy stuff for it in a couple hours! Guess I'm going to have to make it up on my own!!

    1. Hi Jaimie, Sorry I am slow to respond, I was out of town for a funeral... I am still working on a tutorial for these quilts, which is taking awhile because I didn't think to take great step by step pictures as I made them. It sounds like you are experienced when it comes to quilting so I hope you got it figure out okay. Essentially, I just cut all my fabrics into 1 1/2-inch strips and sewed them together and cut them into 5 1/2-inch squares. Let me know how it goes!