Monday, February 13, 2012

Winnie the Pooh Quilt

I can't believe it has been so long since our last blog post. I am amazed sometimes how time gets away from me!

I had put quilting on the back burner for awhile. For some reason, I was just not feeling it; this last week, however, I have made 3 quilt tops and am working on a fourth! But I digress... This blog post is about a special quilt I made last month.

This Pooh Bear quilt was made for my 3rd grand baby, who I have nicknamed Jora because Joey (my son) and Sara (his girlfriend) won't tell anyone what name they have picked out. This made it a tad harder for me to decide what kind of quilt to make simply because for the other 2 grand babies I appliqued their names onto the quilt.

I did have some Winnie the Pooh fabric in my stash and I pulled it out to work with because that is the theme they picked for the baby's room. No matter how many quilt patterns I looked at, my mind kept going back to a pattern I downloaded from Blank Quilting Web site called Froggles.

I modified this pattern to suit my needs:

And since I couldn't applique a name onto the quilt yet, I did do a little applique on the back of the quilt...

Now, I just need to wait for hopefully just a few more days to be able to make the new baby a quilt with his name on it... His due date is February 16th!

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