About Katie

I am the "daughter" of our mother-daughter pair.  I am a 20-something wifey, mommy-to-be, and mama to two furry babies (one black pug diva named Lola Bud and one 3-legged beagle, pit-bull mixed pup named Rudy).  I am interested in doing so many things, and tend to find myself overcommitted and juggling a lot.  That's how I keep things interesting! 

I aspire to find more time to craft and create, and vow to integrate the arts into my childrens' lives.  I am very passionate about what I do, but I have the patience of a two-year-old.  I'm working on the whole patience thing, as I hear it's essential when you have kids.  I, like my mother, tend to be on the sarcastic side, and I am not sure how well that will come through the computer screen--we'll see! 

I am extremely fortunate to have grown up with such a smart and creative mother, whom I look up to very much!  I never knew there was any other way to grow up than to have access to an abundance of craft supplies at all times.  We were always encouraged to use our imagination and create things.  I truly appreciate that, and sometimes wish I had gone to school for more of an arts degree.  When mom and I go shopping, we frequently see something that we like but don't buy it because "we can make it ourselves."  It can be quite fun! 

One more thing to note before I make this section completely overwhelming, I am an aspiring photographer.  I've always been super interested in photos and photo projects.  After graduating from my master's program in the summer of 2009, I treated myself to a canon rebel and have been enjoying experimenting and learning how to use my camera more fully.  Stay tuned for more information on my photography hobby!