Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blake and Cereal

So Blake is almost 4 months old, and she hasn't been sleeping through the night like she was before.  Josh and I have been talking, and, even though we haven't been to the doctor for her four month appointment, we decided to let her try some rice cereal to see if it will help fill her up so she gets back to sleeping through the night.  I did my research, and Blake seems to have met all of the milestones that she was suppose to meet before trying the cereal (holding her head up, a good supported sitter, interest in food, etc.).  

We tried the cereal for the first time this week, and she seemed to enjoy it!  She kept leaning forward to get the food quicker, and would get frustrated when I put the spoon in the bowl to get more!  She also seemed to really know what to do with that spoon!  Here are some fun photos!  

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