Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Quilt Patterns

One of my favorite sewing related blogs is the Moda Bake Shop, so when I was searching for ideas for a quilt to make as a baby shower gift for Blake (my granddaughter), I checked there first and fell in love with this Bricks in Bloom QUilt. I fashioned Blake's quilt with that one in mind, what do you think?
So, now I am on a quest for another baby quilt to make for Mason's baby shower (my grandson who is due in November). I want to include Mason's name on his quilt like I did with Blake's. I also know I want to use greens, blues, and browns, but other than that I had no clue.

At first, I was overwhelmed thinking about all of the possibilities, but then I remembered the Moda Bake Shop! I found several there I am now trying to choose between, plus I am still looking around:
Like I said, I am still looking a little around for more quilt pattern ideas. If you know of one, please share it! I am also in search of fabric. Blake's quilt was made mostly with fabric from the Chirp Line by Katie Hennagir and I am hoping to find a fun fabric line that features blues, greens, and browns.

Maybe next time, I will share the fun and easy stroller quilt I designed and made for Blake...

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