Monday, March 18, 2013

Blake's Babies

A couple of weeks ago I got to babysit my two granddaughters for a few days. While sweet Tatum was just 2 months old at the time and easy to entertain, little Miss Blake was just a couple months shy of being 2-years-old. I wanted to find something creative we could do together and I think I chose the perfect project!

While I was walking around Jo-Ann fabrics, I came across a Darice Foamies Kids Activity Bucket. She loves her baby dolls so I thought she might like "dressing" these craft foam babies. You can tell by the pictures that she loved putting all of it together and also hugging her babies...

There were some small pieces so I sat close by the entire time she was playing with them. Instead of using craft glue, I used Glue Dots. I started out by showing Blake how they stuck together and then I let her pick out the pieces she wanted to use and point to where she wanted the glue.  I was in charge of putting the glue dot where she pointed. This method worked well.

Once she was done making the babies, we glued magnets to the back and hung them on the fridge.  Everytime she walked by the fridge and noticed them, she would get the biggest smile and say, "Oh! Babies!"

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  1. I love that 2nd picture. She looks so affectionate and totally engrossed.

    How clever to use glue dots.