Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's in My Hospital Bags??

Let's be honest, I only have one thing on my mind. At 39 weeks pregnant, I am concentrating on getting this baby out of me (safely and healthily, of course). I'm uncomfortable. I can't sleep. And I am just sick of feeling so limited! Anyway, I thought that I would share what is in my hospital bag.

Our Diaper Bag--Mom bought this for me at Pottery Barn Kids/Baby Store. It is from Petunia Pickle Bottom, and I absolutely love it!

Blake's Coming Home Outfit--We found this outfit at Gymboree, and just couldn't resist it!
 We also got a cute little hat and pair of matching pants with this outfit!  

Baby Book--I want to make sure to pack the baby book, so we can get hand prints and foot prints!  I bought an adorable, customized book from the Edna Mae Etsy Shop.  I love it!  This picture isn't of our book, but it is an example of the books that she makes!  Our book is gray. 

 Blake's baby blanket (or one of them)--This was the Dr. Seuss blankie that I made for my daughter!

My camera--DUH!
Our Video Camera
Bathrobe and slippers
CHAPSTICK!  Hospitals are dry and with all of the breathing we will be doing, this is essential!
Cell phone and charger
Extra clothing
Change for vending machines (for the hubby)
Nursing pads

We are ready--we are just waiting for baby!

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